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Load cell interface for livestock scales

With Bluetooth to Smartphone interface

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Especially designed for livestock weighing, our Bluetooth-enabled Load Cell Interface, equipped with very long lasting battery life and coupled with our free cutting-edge Android Apps, will elevate your weighing process to new heights, much better accuracy, and flexibility

Main application features:

1. Effortless On-Site Calibration and Tare: simplifies the calibration and tare process, ensuring hassle-free setup and precise measurements right at the location.

2. Advanced Built-in Algorithm for Stabilization: Unlike simplistic averaging methods, our application employs an intelligent algorithm for stabilization, delivering unparalleled accuracy in animal weight readings.

3. Convenient Save Key: With a single press, you can effortlessly store the weight of each animal, along with their unique ID and a timestamp, ensuring efficient record-keeping.

4. Seamless Excel File Creation: Our application goes beyond mere data storage. It generates comprehensive Excel files containing all the saved animal records. These files can be easily shared via email, WhatsApp, SMS, and other messaging platforms.

5. With a remarkable range of up to 20 meters, anyone with an Android-based smartphone or tablet can effortlessly access the scale remotely.

Technical data:

Bridge Excitation: 3.3v Minimum sensor impedance: 50Ω (Fits all common scales)

A/D resolution: 24 bit.

Accuracy: 0.01% of full scale

Battery: Replicable 3.6v Lithium Average life: Up to 5 years​

Product features

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