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With Bluetooth Smartphone interface


Engineering units

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mV/V output

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High accuracy handy battery-operated mV/V  reader, fits any standard strain gauge load cell for fast checking and displaying results in mV/V or engineering units.
Built in Bluetooth with our free Apps for Android Smartphones, allows creating a library of  various load cells, saving the readings with timestamp in excel format and sending it directly by email/message. Also a helpful tool for restoring calibrations.

Main features:

  • High accuracy and  easy to use

  • Friendly and powerful application - free to use and download from Play store

  • Battery can last for few years

  • “Auto Save” mode, allows users to automatically  collect readings in required time intervals and store it in excel format file with timestamp and temperature.

  • Bidirectional — Load Cell can be used for tension or compression, zero always remains in the middle

Technical data:

  • Bridge Excitation: 3.3v 

  • Minimum sensor impedance: 50Ω

  • A/D resolution: 24 bit. Bridge     
    sensitivity: ±5 mV/V

  • Accuracy:  0.01% of full scale

  • Battery: AA 3.6V Lithium

  • Enclosure: 90x65x35mm ABS

  • Communication: Bluetooth BLE 4

 Typical applications:

  • Fast load cell testing and reading in engineering units

  • Can be used for restoring calibrations  |  Tel: 04-8110877

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  mV/V LOAD CELL INDICATOR with Bluetooth Smartphone interface

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